Poggioreale in America Group Tour


It was an early goal of Poggioreale in America founders and cousins, Ross Todaro and Tina Tondola Anderson, to take a trip together with their families to Poggioreale, but also to bring along other relatives and friends!  That idea was soon to become a reality.  While Ross and Tina began the planning process for the First Reunion of Poggioreale in America in June 2019, they developed a meaningful relationship with Poggioreale's Mayor Mimmo Cangelosi whom they invited to be their Reunion keynote speaker.  He encouraged visitors to both Poggioreale Antica and Poggioreale Nuovo. The next step was to offer a unique tour experience to the membership of Poggioreale in America.  A group of 15 became the first PIA Trip to Sicily in September 2019. With the expert help of Marjie Montalbano, a fellow Poggioreale descendent and travel agent, they excitedly led the group on what was the most emotional and exciting trip of their lives!  Read about their adventures below.

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