Customer Reviews

"This olive oil is wonderful."

"The Olive Oil is wonderful. And, the purchases help the people of Poggioreale directly."

- Marilyn Maniscalco Henley

"finest Olive Oils I’ve ever tasted"

“One of the finest Olive Oils I’ve ever tasted, on a scale of 1-10, I score it a 10. There are not many olive oils that I score a 10; with 44 years in the restaurant business and 22 years of those years as an Executive Chef, I’ve tasted most olive oils on the market!"

- Anthony J. Tusa, Jr.,
Restauranteur in
New Orleans, LA and Destin, FL

Anthony’s family is also from Poggioreale.

“works great!”

"Make the best base for all of my dishes. I use this olive oil for all of my dinners and works great! Thank you again!"

- Jenny Whaley

"makes the best dishes!"

“Sapori Antichi Olive Oil makes the best dishes! I used it last night to make some delicious salmon and pasta for my friends and family. It also makes an amazing addition to bread and dipping seasoning.”

- Sara Todaro Gomez

Our Mission

We build bridges between the Sicilian village of Poggioreale and the 1000s of Poggioreale descendants living in the United States.


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