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Many of us are first and second generation Poggiorealesi, that is, our grandparents or parents were born in Poggioreale and we are their American offspring. We first learned of the small town called Poggioreale through animated, vibrant stories told to us by these proud, hard-working people who left their homeland to create new lives for themselves, and for us, in America. Read about the ancient beginnings of Poggioreale in 1642 and the devastating earthquake of 1968 that changed their lives.

The People of Poggioreale

We know that many Sicilians immigrated to America during several time frames, but our own family histories show us that most of our Poggiorealesi ancestors came to the United States during the late 1890s and the early 19th century. Read about some of the original immigrants from Poggioreale whose descendants are still here today.


Photos & Videos

We have a collection of photos that we are constantly building to share with readers who want to learn about the people who brought us to this country and beyond.

Read and study with us!

To date, PIA has translated three  historical Poggioreale books and published them to share with English-speaking descendants

of Poggioreale. We are working

on more publications now!

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Your Genealogy Search

Some of you have begun your Poggioreale family research, some of you are just starting your journey. We can help point you in the right direction by sharing research sources that we and other

Poggioreale in America members have found.

You are not alone in your quest!

St Joseph Day

St. Joseph Tables in Poggioreale have inspired many similar ones in America. The loving devotion to St. Joseph is well known in Sicily, and the accompanying customs were carefully brought by the immigrants to their new home.

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Recollections of Life in Poggioreale

We are lucky to have among us people who used to live in Poggioreale before the earthquake. They tell us what life was like back in those days. We are collecting stories like this! Help us!

Explore and Study with Us!
Poggioreale in America's
Historical Book Series

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