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2023 Scholarship Recipients

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The Poggioreale in America Scholarship Program is in its second year of awarding college scholarships.  After a rigorous application process, scholarships were awarded to descendants of the original Poggioreale immigrant families who came to America seeking a better life. Many of these families did not  have the benefit of education.

This is but one way we have chosen to draw in our young Poggiorealese descendants to feel that their shared heritage is alive in their generation! And for their parents and grandparents, we don't want to forget the lessons learned by our ancestors to persevere, to achieve and to conquer the odds to create their own successes.

Our investment in these young students is an investment in creating an interested, involved new generation or proud Italian descendants!



The 2023 Scholarship Fund was created through the proceeds of PIA 2023 Calendar sales combined with the generous personal donations of PIA Members.

Please watch this space for list of personal donors

so you can join us in thanking them for their gift of knowledge to young American students of Poggiorealese descent. 

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