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"After an earthquake in 1968, the ancient town of Poggioreale became abandoned. In 2011, a group of men began a cleaning project in attempt to preserve their rich heritage. They are working industriously, and do so with their hands, hearts, and memories. Dopo il terremoto del 1968, la città di Poggioreale fu abbandonata." Professor and film maker Antonio Scrontino created this video in 2015 and posted it on youtube where thousands have viewed this short film that features some current residents from New Poggioreale, Sicily, that was rebuilt which only a few miles away.

Youtube travel videographer, Westfalia Digital Nomads, created this beautiful drone tour of the ruins of Poggioreale

and posted it on Nov. 1, 2017.  We find it a beautiful way to become acquainted with our ancestral town.

     "Poggioreale Fermata a Richiesta (Poggioreale Stop by Request) was produced by Giacomo Caltagirone in 2018, and updated in 2024. The musical track is haunting; the photography is stunning. He dedicates this to "all the Poggiorealesi of all time."  


      SYNOPSIS: “Dedicated to all the Poggiorealese of all time: 3188 inhabitants – 1968 per year – 259 photographic shots – 90 video shots – 50 years passed – 30.57 minutes documented – 20% structural damage – 15 of January - 6.4 magnitude - 2 inspections carried out - ... one lifetime is not enough ... to understand the reasons".

This video was filmed on June 3, 2019 by the creator.  Read his narrative posted just below the video on youtube.

Travel videographers Eleonora & Giammi are Sicilians who like to discover and show unusual and hidden places. Their fascinating tour of Poggioreale, Sicily, was posted in Sept 2017 and has had nearly 9000 views to date! We are grateful and send many thanks for their "Foot  Ontheway/Piede in Cammino" series of videos.

Youtube videographer, war-bird96, comments that this "Video I have filmed with my Dji Mavic Pro in Poggioreale, in Sicily, Italia." Posted on August 7, 2018, it has over 2000 views.

This 2017 video was crated by G&V Morreale Production and is described as "Shooting in Poggioreale Antica with Pino Re, Giuseppe Briganti, Antonella Anello and the two splendid horses Oscar and Fire."  The background views of Poggioreale's Old Town are spectacular.

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