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Poggioreale in America


The next generation of descendants take interest in

their Sicilian heritage.

Poggioreale in America Junior is a group of Sicilian-American youth who want to learn more about their family history in Poggioreale, Sicily. PIA Junior will help keep the spirit of our ancestors alive by working closely with the PIA Officers on special research projects, fundraisers, and scholarship programs. The goal is to keep the younger generations connected, so they can learn more about our ancestors’ journeys, traditions, and stories. 

Would you like to get involved, or do you know

a student who would like to learn more

about this exciting program?


Simply email 

Include your name, age, and a short introduction

of your family’s relationship to Poggioreale. 


You will be contacted with more information

about the Poggioreale in America Junior program. 

Our PIA Junior Members

The Campises

Leslee Campise, age 18 Ruby Campise, age 11 Mandy Campise, age 21 2X great granddaughters of Giuseppe "Joseph" Campisi, born in Bryan, TX and Domenica "Mandy" Franco 3X great granddaughters of Mariano Campisi (born 1849 Poggioreale, and Anna Campione born 1852 Poggioreale).

The Scambray and Smiths

Leo Smith, age 18 Vincenzo Smith, age 16 Michael Scambray, age 18 Sarah Scambray, age 21 Julia Scambray, age 23 Roman Smith, age 15 with grandparents Linda and Terry Scambray Great grandchildren of Maria Campisi, born 1880 in Poggioreale (daughter to Mariano born 1849 and Anna Campione born 1852)

The Henleys and Palermos in Poggioreale

Megan Henley, age 13 Paige Henley, age 11 Alexander Henley, age 15 2X great grandchildren of Pietro Maniscalco born 1879 and Maria Messina born 1883, both in Poggioreale 2X great grandchildren of Francisco (Frank) Alfano born 1898 in Mumford, TX 3X great grandchildren of Tommaso Alfano born 1861 and Antonina Loria born 1866, both in Poggioreale Alisa, Nino, Pepe and Karol Palermo Grandchildren of Giuseppe Agosta and Giuseppa Blanda of Poggioreale Photo taken in Poggioreale in 2018

The Hallier Children

Juliet Hallier, age 16 James Hallier, age 14 Jonah Hallier, age 11 With older brother, Keiton Hallier age 27 Great great grandchildren of Girolamo Campisi born 1878 Poggioreale, son of Mariano Campisi, born 1849 Poggioreale

Alex Case Logan Taylor 2020 Christmas_IMG_9642 cropped

Alexandria Anderson, 18 Case Anderson, 16 Logan Anderson, 14 Taylor Anderson, 13 2X Grandchildren of Salvatore Todaro (born in Poggioreale 1869) and Rosa Spina (born in Poggioreale 1882) who immigrated to Chicago 1912

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