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Many of you, like the editors and contributors of this PIA website, have a long-burning desire to learn about our Sicilian ancestral home of Poggioreale.  The town that gave life to our ancestors has ancient beginnings that were discussed in a handful of books written likely after their departure from Sicily. Indeed, only a handful of first and second generation Poggiorealesi were aware of these important books about the town because they were long out of print, written well before our time by scholarly clergy who served Poggioreale as archpriests (arciprete).  To further thwart our studies, these books were written in Italian, some out of print and now very rare both in Sicily and America. 


But oh, after years of arduous search for information, how our studies took an enlightening turn when we found, and now translated, these old and valuable books.  We hereby share with you.


We are not aware of any other books written about Poggioreale during the period 1900 to 1960, but should any of readers locate any, please let us know so we can update our list.

1901, Caronna, Arc. Nunzio, Memorie Storiche di Poggioreale, Stabilimento Tipografia Fratelli Marsala, Palermo.

1906, Caronna, Can. Nunzio, Supplimento Alla Monografia Storica di Poggioreale, Tipografia Pontificia, Palermo.

1956, Aloisio, Can. Dr. Francesco, Storia di Poggioreale (Sicilia), Scuola Linotypografica aa Boccone del Povero, Palmeri

Editor's Note:  Summary of book and published editions will be provided in a future post.

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