The Poggioreale in America


"Our mission is to build bridges between the Sicilian village of Poggioreale and the thousands of descendents living in the United States.  By sharing stories, cultures and connections between Poggioreale and those who now live elsewhere, we can create and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of both the current Poggiorealesi community and the Americans who continue to live with Poggioreale in their hearts."


Pictured are Ross Todaro, our PIA President, with Sindaco Mimmo Cangelosi, Mayor of Poggioreale, Sicily, and Cav. Pietro Maniscalco of Sydney, Australia who left Poggioreale as a boy and is now a noted good will ambassador for Poggioreale.

This historic meeting of Poggiorealesi from there continents took place at the first Poggioreale in America Reunion in Bryan, TX on June 22, 2019.  All three men spoke to a group of over 300 enthusiastic attendees.