Poggioreale In America

Our Mission:


We build bridges between the Sicilian village of Poggioreale and the 1000s of Poggioreale descendants living in the United States.


Our Mission

It is the purpose of this website to reach out to the descendants of these brave, strong, and good people and unite them on this page so that we can share our stories, exchange histories that should be passed on to our own descendants, and to celebrate their contributions and accomplishments not only to America … but also to give back to Poggioreale through YOUR STORIES, our shared culture, and love of Sicilian tradition to show them how the people who left their town have grown their traditions in America!

Poggioreale in the Province of Trapani, on the Italian island of Sicily

Poggioreale in the Province of Trapani, on the Italian island of Sicily

Where is Poggioreale?

The village of Poggioreale is about 50 miles by car from the capital city of Palermo. There are no regular train or bus connections to the village, and it is necessary to hire a car or a taxi service.

Founded in 1644 as center for regional agricultural workers, the old village of Poggioreale grew to a maximum population of 4000 inhabitants during the 18th and 19th centuries. Large numbers of residents emigrated from Poggioreale to the United States from 1860 to 1910, many went to the Brazos Valley in Texas; Houston, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; New York City, New York; Philadephia, Pennsylvania; and fewer made it to the West Coast.

In 1968, the entire region suffered a severe earthquake that rendered the old village of Poggioreale uninhabitable. While many residents lived in huts and tents for years until a new village could be constructed, many residents left to live with relatives in Australia.